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F*P Contest.

Hey, all! How you doing?

Today I actually got off my butt and updated my website. This is admittedly not altogether exciting. What is fairly exciting is this: I've decided to host a Gravitation fanfic contest. That's right -- an honest-to-goodness contest with judges and prizes and stuff. (Excited yet?)

It's all very simple. I don't like rules, so there are very few rules. I don't like being forced to write certain situations or scenes or characters, so there's none of that. I don't like having to search for good fic, so I'm making you guys come to me. ^_~ Sounds fair? Good. My only real requirements are as follows: read the rules (on the contest page linked below), follow the theme (Swimming with the Fishes), and give me your best shot!

While I'm here, I should mention that I am also "contracting" artists who might be interested in helping me out with a few elements of this contest in return for compensation that isn't money (sorry!). I'll write fic, make icons, or give you my heartfelt thanks -- whatever. If you're interested in that, email me.

See you all when I see you! Keep those submissions coming. ^_~

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