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...||..First Time Posting..||...

   Hey, I am a hardcore Gravitation fan! *waves manga and DVDs in the air* Tatsuha is an awesome character in my opinion, and he's even funny in the Gravitation Remixes X3
    For anyone who's interested, I am working on starting Gravitation Journals/RP at gravitation_rp . All the characters are open except for Hiroshi, and the roleplaying hasn't started, considering I'm getting a Gravitation based layout worked on and I don't have any members left. ^^;; So, anyone in this community who would like to be Tatsuha or any other character, please leave a comment! [Edit] Many people have applied in the past few hours, and someone is currently requesting to be Tatsuha. Please look on the community information page to see the characters that have not been taken.[Edit]

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