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Break Through is BACK!

Hello, everyone!

Do you all remember last October/November when I set up the Break Through Gravitation BBS Forum (with Stevie's help) and then Fear The Dark crashed and I lost it? Well, it's back. ^^

Since the forum is new all over again, I'm still making a lot of changes with it and you'll have to bear with me for a bit, but I do believe that, with your help, we could make Break Through a great place for all Gravitation fans to gather together!

I'd really appreciate it if all you Gravi fans out there would go check it out. The link follows:

note: I'm also looking for additional people to help me mod the forum! haruka_x_tenoh agreed to do it again, but it couldn't hurt to have at least one other person hanging around, right? If you're interesting in modding, join the forum and then send me (Hawk Clowd) a private message letting me know!

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