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Off topic, but still important!!!


I'm sorry for the obvious off-topicness, but I really need a hand here...

I have a quick favor to ask all of you--especially those of you who live/grew up in English-speaking countries aside from the United States. For my HEL class, we have to write a paper on something which demonstrates change in the English language, and I chose to do attitudes towards spelling and such in a multi-cultural sense, as well as the emphasis that educators put on correct spelling in schools today.

So this is the favor. In order to successfully pull off this project, I need several examples of people's writing from various countries (especially things written for school and/or work over the past decade or two) and interviews. I'm aiming for at least 3 works each from the United States, Great Britain, and Canada (any other countries would be great, too, of course) and interviews from at least five people from each country.

If anyone is interested in helping me out and/or would like more information about this little escapade of mine, please contact me by either commenting to this post or emailing me at

Thank you!

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